Environmentally Green & Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

One Stop Cleaners has an uncompromising policy when it comes to protecting the world environment. This is why we chose the world’s best manufacturer of dry cleaning equipment… Firbimatic from Italy.
By continued research and development using the latest in technology and engineering Firbimatic offers the most ecologically safe machines available today. With careful consideration for environment issues Firbimatic has designed each and every machine to function within strict guidelines while remaining very easy for the customer to operate and maintain. At the same time Firbimatic machines protect the environment and are a friend of both.
Automatic Still Sludge Pump System Transfer sludge from the still to the waist tanks automatically Coalperc Carbon Absorption System Purifies the air in the drum before opening main door
Drying Control
Drying system controlled by moister sensor for optimal results
Door Lucking System Coalperc Carbon Absorption System
Firbimatic has now attained an international acceptance and success as it exports its machines to over 130 countries around the world. Due to Firbimatic high quality of manufacturing process using the most modern and technologically advanced design, exports continue to increase. Firbimatic is recognized as a world leader and has gained acceptance in the promotion of technology that is designed to protect the environment, around the world.

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